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Since 1996, YWAMers from the former New Manila Base who transferred to YWAM Antipolo the same year have been hosting Discipleship Training Weeks summer after summer after summer. The annual five-days of training tradition may have produced over 76 Graduation Bathes over the 19 years. Dozens of batches were graduated by the numerous other YWAM Centers around the country. "I wouldn't be surprised if over 100 "5-day" Discipleship Training Weeks have not been led and graduated throughout the country these past 19 years," says Mitch Metzger who led the first one at the New Manila YWAM Base near St Lukes Hospital in 1996.

If each Graduating Batch contains 12-20 students (and some have been as small as six and massive as 110) and you multiply that times 76 Batches, that gives a minimum of 1,520 mostly young people graduating.  

The DTW is called the "small course with BIG results" or sometimes, "a taste of the real thing" since the 5-day DTW is a replica of the official 24-week Discipleship Training School found in over 600 locations around the world with 10-14 of them being in the Philippines each year.

"When we started the DTW in 1996, we had five days of stay-in Lecture and two days of evangelism before graduating. But after just a few years, we shortened it to four days of lectures and one day of evangelism before graduating. By shortening the DTW from 7-days to 5-days we could host more of them each summer and our staff would not get so tired either. We've now been doing the 5-day model for about 17 years," says Metzger.

For anyone thinking of attending the Discipleship Training School which is 24-weeks long consisting of 12-weeks in the classroom and community living and 12-weeks of evangelistic outreach, the 5-day DTW is the "place to start!"