TACLOBAN CITY - Following the terrible destructive fury of Typhoon Haiyan-Yolanda last November 8th, 2013, that claimed 6,166 deaths, 1,785 missing, 16 million affected and 4 million people displaced, over 850 Youth With a Mission (YWAM) volunteers and her many partners have flooded the City of Tacloban with initial rescue, relief, recovery, and rebuilding of homes, evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

The YWAM Antipolo Training Center (headquartered near Metro-Manila) has provided the majority of the leadership and volunteers necessary in pioneering a permanent Operating Location (Op Loc) in Tacloban.

A building and property has been purchased in Imelda Village, Tacloban City to serve as staff and student housing for all future YWAM purposes such as training, evangelism, mercy ministry, church mobilization and team housing. Plans of the 1st Discipleship Training School (DTS) are underway for July 2015 which will start in YWAM Antipolo for the first 7 weeks before transferring to Tacloban on their 8-12th Weeks of Training before their outreach.

CHURCHES: Two churches have been started in Tacloban City with plans for a 3rd one in Mid-2015. Over 86 people have been baptized and 23 couples have been assisted in experiencing a Christian-Wedding for the first time!

See letter here from our National Director Doug Sharpe written after the last payment was made:

Dear YWAM Philippines,

Let us rejoice together! We have surpassed our goal!

If you recall, when the disciples were faced by a great need, Jesus said, “You must meet that need,” the disciple’s response was “how can we possibly meet such a great need?” Jesus replied, “What do you have? Bring what you have to me.” The disciple’s incredulous response was, “All we have are these 5 loaves and 2 small fish, but how can this possibly meet such a great need?” Jesus then took what was given, blessed it and broke it and gave it to the disciples to meet the need on hand, not only was the need miraculously met, but there were 12 basketfuls of leftovers after everyone ate!

Thank you everyone for participating in a miracle! As we have obeyed Jesus in faith together by bringing the little each of us had our wonderful Master has blessed and multiplied our gift to meet the need! Not only that, but any surplus will be given to ATC who advanced from their own base funds to cover a previous payment! Our God is indeed great and we as a Mission together have seen a great victory! Let us praise our God together and give thanks to Him for all He has done!

As we finalize all the payments in the next few days we can be rejoicing that the YWAM Tacloban property will be fully bought and paid for! This miracle has transpired through the collective giving of so many people from around the world as well as the sacrificial giving of our YWAM Philippines staff and leaders!

Thank you Lord for all you have done!

Bless the ministry of Youth With A Mission Tacloban!

Douglas Sharpe
YWAM Philippines!

RECENT UPDATE (March 4th, 2015): We have built a septic tank and are currently adding three toilets and three showers before the end of February to serve all our teams, volunteers and future staff/students. We are temporarily on hold while we seek to raise another Php100,000 ($2,300) to complete the project. Complete photos are found at our facebook presence at YWAM Tacloban. Please look for us.  https://www.facebook.com/ywamtacloban 

On the Move,

YWAM Antipolo Training Center
In behalf of the YWAM Philippines Leadership Team