The School of Worship that begins this September 25th, 2016 until March 10th, 2017 will have a SOPA element added to it. Contact us for details.


This course is designed for performing artists who are skilled performers in the areas of acting, singing and dancing and visual arts (media) would like to use their gifts to further God’s kingdom. The mission for our students is to understand their callings, roles and influence as performing artists, to bring spiritual and social transformation to communities and to the world. Our aim is for them to have a solid biblical foundation to effectively minister and lead people through the performing arts.

This course prepares the student in spiritual, practical, and technical aspects of the performing arts. With the goal of equipping Christian artists both in the context of local church ministry and service in the marketplace, it lays biblical foundations regarding the arts (biblical authority, re-evaluating basic assumptions, reclaiming specific art forms, etc.) and delves into issues of the artist's development in both character and skill. Topics may include: theater arts, mime, dance, music and worship, songwriting and recording, improvisation, communication principles, lighting setup, technical management of the stage, acting technique and rehearsal, directing, set design, and scriptwriting.

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2. Knowledge in Theater and Multi Media

3. Medical History

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