Foundations for christian ministries & FIELD ASSIGNMENT (FCM & FCM FIELD ASSIGNMENT)

Thank you for your interest in the Foundation for Christian Ministries courses (FCM) offered through the College of Counseling and Health Care. The FCM is the entry- level course for the Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degree program in counseling. Each of the training programs in this college students to set learning goals in three categories.


1. Personal Development students will be encouraged to explore goals in three areas: A. An experiential understanding of grace- developing a personal revelation of the reality of God’s grace to ourselves and the ability to extend that grace to others. B. Relationship developing an appropriate level of maturity in relating to fellow students and staff. C. Identity and Self awareness- developing a Christian identity that increase an understanding of one’s strengths, unique gifting and work areas.


2. Skill Development: A. To develop abilities to express warmth B. To show respect and empathy in personal interaction C. To actively listen D. To use the tool of Biblical Belief Renewal for ourselves and others E. To pray for healing inn a variety of situation by invoking the presence of Jesus F. To practice exercising the influence through intercession


3. Cognitive Development Goals are to be able to express Biblical understanding of: A. The work of the cross and the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing redemption and wholeness B. What “Biblical Counseling” means C. God’s character D. Cross cultural counseling E. Our identity in Christ F. Repentance and forgiveness and their relationship to growing to maturity G. Our uniqueness and gifting H. Stages of spiritual development I. God’s intention for our personalities, how that intention has been blocked and how to overcome the blocks Structure to facilitate these goals includes lecture, discussion, small group interaction and personal study. An integral of the training program is the three-month field assignment following the lecture phase (CHC 251).


This 12 weeks course is a practicum experience where the knowledge, skills and character qualities learned in the lecture phase are practiced under condition like those found on the mission field. It is expected that most students will do the two courses sequentially, and time and financial commitment should be planned accordingly. The prerequisite: for attending the FCM is completion of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) and Field assignment or Crossroad DTS and Field Assignment.

Dates and Cost: The FCM school will be offered in 2016 at the Antipolo Training Center. The cost of the Lecture Phase is $1,500 for International Students and 35,000 pesos for Filipino (books is not included with the fees but if you wish to buy we will order it for you with your own expense.) The cost for the optional Field assignment is an additional expense, which will vary in price according to the location. The fee will include food, housing, transportation and administrative fees and airfare from and to the assigned field and back

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