The 14th School of Evangelism starts July 4th, 2016 and will finish December 17th, 2016 before Christmas starts. The 3 Month Lecture Phase will consist of 7 Weeks at the YWAM Antipolo Training Center and 5 Weeks at YWAM Tacloban City before launching out into 3 Months of Evangelistic Outreach.

The SOE students and staff will visit as many as 18 YWAM Bases around the country as they travel from province to province in their 23 Seater Coaster Mini-Bus.

A possible evangelistic Crosswalk is being considered for a Five Island Region in Southern Luzon and the Visayas Region including massive Church visitation, mobilization and partnership - mostly for the purpose of recruiting and promoting YWAM and it's various training options.

A continuation of the church planting activities will resume while in Tacloban City and possible other neighboring locations - pending.

Cost for the SOE is normally Php35,000 for Lecture Phase and another Php30,000-Php40,000 for Outreach Phase depending on the scope of the travels. You'll experience over 400 hours of evangelism beginning as early as Week #1 of the Lecture Phase.

Possible invitations to teach in other YWAM Training Centers may be entertained for some of the students or all depending on the timing and location.

Mitch Metzger will be leading the SOE this year. The DTS is a requirement first before attending the 6 month SOE.